Transforming JSON data structure in Rails

I recently completed a project with a teammate at Flatiron where we developed a single page application using JavaScript and Rails. The requirements were pretty open-ended and we settled on building a page that allows the user to interact with multiple APIs from NASA Open API. First of all, I am really proud of how this turned out, please check it out on GitHub. My partner, Christopher Lempke, and I had a lot of fun and really stretched our legs with JavaScript and CSS (fetch galore, conditional rendering, drag and drop, animations, the jankiest guided walkthrough you have ever seen). Second, we got the opportunity to encounter what is a very common problem, working with similar data in very different formats.

render json: user.as_json(       include:{ images: { except:  ["created_at", "updated_at"] }},       except:  ["created_at", "updated_at"])

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